Kimchi Garden

8/16/2013 Today was the first day I came to this Korean restaurant and it was for celebrating the the last day of my summer Korean class. The menu at the entrance had lots of varieties. Some pictures of the delicious menu items were on the walls. It was a little bit hard to decide what to order from the list because I love Korean food. But in the end I ordered japchae bap, which is glass noodles…

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Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen

Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen

3/19/14 This was my first having “real” southern food. Since I am having Louisiana foodin California, I am not sure how authentic it is. I came here with my friend and we ordered our own dishes and shared some dishes. I ordered jambalaya, which is cooked with piquant sauce, roasted chicken, tasso ham & andouille sausage. This had an interesting taste that I did not know how to describe. I want to…

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Dyar Mediterranean Cuisine

9/17/13 I usually get Urbann Turbann when I’m looking for something to eat on the north side of the UC Berkeley campus but today I decided to get something different. Dyar is a Mediterranean restaurant like its name specifies. I usually get the gyro plate, which comes with a little bit salad, gyro, hummus, pita, and rice. This plate is not only healthy but also really filling. When I don’t feel…

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you asked, we delivered.

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Platano http://wp.me/s4d3wH-platano

4/13/14 I think today was the 4th time I ate lunch at Platano. I went there for the first time for my coworkers’ birthday celebration when I used to work at UCB extension. Platano is a restaurant that serves Salvadoran Cuisine. I like to get their lunch special that is from 11:30am to 2:30pm. The first time at Platano, I ordered lunch special #8, which is 1 pupusa, plantain & cream & small…

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青島人家 M&T Seafood Village

青島人家 M&T Seafood Village

My dad heard their awesome advertisement on the radio and took my mom and me here to try it. We thought it looked like a relatively new restaurant. I liked their ambiance, which was lightened up by their colorful vases and other sorts of Asian decorations. Also, their silverware was very simple but fancy. Their dumplings was what caught my dad’s attention in the advertisement, so we only…

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“One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul.”

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 I kept thinking about you, I thought you’d know. - Breath ♪

 I kept thinking about you, I thought you’d know. 
- Breath 

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I love this song!

Jay Vera & Isabell Thao - Only One (Original)

Original song performed by Jay Vera & Isabell Thao.
Vocals by: Jay Vera & Isabell Thao
Produced/Mixed by: Jay Vera
Written by: Isabell Thao & Jay Vera
Copyright 2013 ©

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